NRD Games Project and Logo

The way is turbulent and invasive.

I tell of fantastic worlds and their tedious conception. Twisting into a shallow sleep, I dream of carpal-tunnel-inducing computer programs and rearranging sentences over and over. I consume every drink with a splash of a semi-conscious guilt.

I guess this invasiveness is something anybody chasing a creative venture experiences, to varying degrees. But I honestly think if it wasn’t this way, then this project would wither and die.

We’ve lost a member along the way, taken up tasks thought beyond our capabilities, spent days and weeks simmering in perfectionism, procrastination, and pain.

But every worthy advancement provides us with a sliver of radiance, each stemming from that glorious light at the end of the tunnel.

Today we celebrate a small victory, but nonetheless exciting. NRD Games is now an official, trademarked business with its very own logo. Tell us what you think!

NRD Logo Final

To give you an ETA, we are striving to have a first draft ready for editing and alpha testing by March 31st 2018. If you are interested in getting involved in the project in any way — editing being well within the capabilities of anyone who can read — please feel free to contact me. We need someone to film and edit a trailer video, possibly someone to help out with creating the game in Unity, potentially someone to create some theme music, and most likely someone to assist with marketing.

I will end this post with a little excerpt from our choose your own adventure digital storybook, Raid On The Silver City.

Thanks, from Rod and myself.

Wispy channels of violet energy sweep across a desert plain; you travel just above the dusty canvas, unbound by weight. This world does not suffer an atmosphere; your eyes behold a bountiful cosmos alight with colours that seem beyond the spectrum of ordinary men.

You allow yourself to tilt upright upon your feet just before the edge of a desiccated lake, strain your white eyes to encompass it. A dark shadow creeps across the tan expanse toward you, and, unnoticed prior, you account for its caster — a crumbling imitation of the Iron Wave.

What does your subconscious beseech you to discover in this desolate apocalypse?

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