Blog reactivated and news on RSC

This blog is officially reactivated!

But in more exciting news, I am starting to promote my work of choice-based interactive fiction, RSC (I shall soon reveal the true title of the work).

It has been a quest. I have laughed and cried. I have worked with clarity and madness. The latter is required to create any work of art.

For more information on RSC, see the RSC page (be sure to scroll down some and check out the art).

I shall try to post regularly, on RSC, and other topics too.

“One must possess a combination of qualities if one aspires to survive.

Swiftness, to elude a fortuitous collapse.
Vigour, to cleave the writhing dead.
Wit, to cheat an insurmountable demon.
Heart, to purge cowardice from the soul.”



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