Editing for Chad Gerber

Since March I’ve been editing blog content for Chad Gerber, a zealous photographer and inspiriting friend. Before reading any further, I suggest you check out Chad’s blog. This featured image for this post was shot by him. It’s just a sliver of the glorious visual content on his blog.


© Chad Gerber (Instagram @chad_gerber)

Building my writing portfolio, volunteer opportunities like what Chad has provided me are invaluable. It’s been a consistent source of professional experience and wisdom, as, like with anything, helping someone else with their writing improves one’s own writing.

On top of general grammar and punctuation edits, I help Chad recognise and implement basic narrative, with a recurring focus on themes and, when regarding his blog as a whole, his evolution as a photographer. As Chad’s posts are image-based, with limited text, it can sometimes be a challenge to implement a conspicuous theme, though I do believe we’re becoming more and more proficient with this.

Take for instance Chad’s post on Hong Kong. As is the process with every post, we studied Chad’s first draft together — online, because he’s travelling and shooting the world — and extracted from it a theme. For this post, we discerned the theme to be challenging creativity, particularly in the novel (for Chad) realm of streetscape photography, and, secondly, the advantages of companionship and collaboration. While some paragraphs make no obvious callback to these themes, the post adheres quite firmly to them as a whole, and we’re proud of it.

I won’t delve into the deep of our editing process, as that’s not the sole purpose of this post. I also wrote it to motivate other aspiring writers to involve themselves with someone else’s work, in the editing phase or elsewhere. It’s blatantly satisfying — and more often humbling — to test your writing skills and synthesise them by offering constructive feedback and impromptu lessons… even if it’s over an instant messenger. It’s also hugely beneficial to that someone else, obviously, and encourages interaction and growth in the creative community. Editing for Chad, for instance, I’ve learnt about photography and travel blogging, collaborated with a professional from a field other than creative writing, and even loosened myself to the idea of working in new creative fields.

I guess another purpose for this post is to send out my hooked tendrils and find more opportunities in kind to what I have with Chad. As stated on the Services page of my blog, I’m eager to provide assistance with creative writing, content writing for websites/blogs, and editing, for most anything (including school/university assignments), so please do something proactive and contact me.

Thanks for reading ♥

Featured image: © Chad Gerber (Instagram @chad_gerber)

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