I’m releasing Fein’s Deluge tomorrow and burying Raid on the Silver City today

I’m publishing my “open map” work of interactive fiction Fein’s Deluge as “in development” TOMORROW — the 14th of September, 2019 — and I’m just stoked to finally share something more than flash fiction with you all.

There will be plenty of information on Fein’s Deluge with its release tomorrow, though for now, I want to publically state that I’m putting Raid on the Silver City — technically my first interactive fiction project — in the dusty bottom drawer. It’s just too huge, and it’s just not benefitting my career right now.

But I can’t leave you emptyhanded, so here’s the pixel map of Lorelei that I — yes, me, all by myself — made for Raid on the Silver City. It’s incomplete, but it’s something!



Still on the topic of Raid on the Silver City, a thunderous bloody THANK YOU to everyone who helped me get as far as I did. Yes, you, my family, my friends. All those times you sat there and listened to me jabber and cry. I remember them all. Every clump of hair pulled out of my head and every triumphant fist-pump in the dark was a lesson. I’ll never regret any of it. It got me to where I am today.

And the day after today is tomorrow. And tomorrow is when I release Fein’s Deluge, a work of interactive fiction that’s actually good.

As for what’s after tomorrow? Editing for friends, presenting to my writing group on interactive fiction, submitting flash fiction, writing a novella, and fuckloads more.

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