@fiction_shots, an Instagram community for writers

It’s about bloody time I have a go at this “Instantaneousgram” thing that everyone’s losing their pubes over, but I won’t be going it alone!

The plan is to build a community of writers/contributors and post at least one piece of microfiction to @fiction_shots every week. Each contributor will bring their own style, but every piece must be short and digestible. We’ll also keep hammering the #fictionshots tag until it has spread through the internets like the plague.

I’m in correspondence with a few potential contributors already, and it’s looking promising. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, scream really loudly into a piece of bread (swing me a message).

I made this logo in Paint, and I’m dad-proud of it. Get it? It’s a shot glass.


Follow @fiction_shots and take a break from the food videos and hookers.

I’ve also made a @fiction_shots page on this website.

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