Writing for The Front and The Jerk’E’Club

A month has passed in these last two weeks. At least, that’s how it feels being this busy. Though, of all that’s happened in these month-weeks of mine, I’m most excited to announce two things in particular — my new position writing scripts for the World War II YouTube channel The Front and my position writing the blog series Tales of Two Jerks for The Jerk’E’ Club.

The Front

The Front is a popular and growing YouTube channel which specialises in the Second World War, and I’m writing video scripts for its owner/narrator.

The Front

The first video featuring one of my scripts was posted this morning!

If you want to follow my progress, please consider subscribing to The Front. Alternatively, I’ll be linking all of the videos to which I contribute in my commercial portfolio.

Tales of Two Jerks

The Jerk’E’Club — i.e. “The Jerks You Can Trust” — make delicious “gourmet craft beef jerky” out of Perth, Western Australia, and I’m writing the blog post series Tales of Two Jerks for them!


If you want to learn more about my contributions here, I’ll be linking each post in my commercial portfolio.

What else?

I’ve also set up @fiction_shots this week! It’s an Instagram profile I maintain with a group of other writers, to which we post at least one piece of microfiction every week!


You can learn more about @fiction_shots my either visiting it on Instagram or by visiting its page on this website. We’re always looking for fresh contributors!


Exciting stuff, right? Well, it’s only the beginning, and I’m always hunting for new opportunities. If you have any of those sweet, sweet opportunities for me, see my work with me and/or contact page.

Thank you.

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