Nerdier by the day [FU4]

Fortnightly update 4: 20.01.2020 to 02.02.2020

In this fortnightly blog post series, I share with you my progress as a writer. I’ll throw each post up on both Facebook and LinkedIn on Sundays or Mondays, though if anything dinosaur-huge happens, I may still make separate posts about it; these fortnightly posts are more about my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs.

The Front

I write scripts for the popular YouTube channel The Front.

We uploaded two videos this fortnight, and I wrote a bunch more scripts as well; I won’t be detailing all of them from now on, as you’ll see them when they’re uploaded as videos! The first video we uploaded was the first part in a two-part series about the most feared World War II aces from each fighting country.

The second upload was the second part.

I also worked with some graphic designers to put together two posts to both The Front History Facebook page and The Front History Instagram account.

We uploaded posts about Japanese kamikaze pilots to both Facebook and Instagram in the first week.

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For the Emperor! 🛩️ . While only between 11% and 19% of Japanese kamikaze pilots hit their targets, those that DID hit devastated them. US Navy Seaman James J. Fahey evinces the horror in his diary: "A Jap dive bomber crashed into one of the 40 mm. mounts but lucky for them [the US Navy personnel] it dropped its bombs on another ship before crashing. Parts of the plane flew everywhere when it crashed into the mount. Part of the motor hit Tomlinson, he had chunks of it all over him, his stomach, back, legs etc. The rest of the crew were wounded, most of them were sprayed with gasoline from the plane. […] Planes were falling all around us, bombs were coming too close for comfort. […] The fellows were passing ammunition like lightning as the guns were turning in all directions spitting out hot steel […] The deck near my mount was covered with blood, guts, brains, tongues, scalps, hearts, arms etc. from the Jap pilots. The Jap bodies were blown into all sorts of pieces." #thefront #ww2 #ww2history #wwii #wwiihistory #war #history #military

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And in the second week, we uploaded posts about Soviet women fighting for the Soviet Union in the Second World War.

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Women make better snipers ♀️ . Some 800,000 Soviet women served in the Soviet Armed Forces throughout World War II, many of whom were snipers. Natalya Kovshova was one such sniper, and with the aid of her friend and spotter Mariyana Polivanova, she put bullets in around 300 German soldiers. Kovshova expressed a fiery hatred for the Germans both through the barrel of her rifle and in her words, calling them, in her diary, "Fascist pigs." Kovshova and Polivanova were awarded the Soviet Union's highest military decoration, though they were not alive to claim it. The pair, wounded and exhausted, had been holding off a German offensive near the village of Sutoki-Byakovo when their enemy finally broke through. Being caught by the "fascist pigs" was inconceivable, so these Soviet war heroes took the pins out of their grenades and waited for the Germans to get up close, loading every living thing around them, and themselves, with hot shrapnel. #thefront #ww2 #ww2history #wwii #wwiihistory #war #history #military

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The most exciting piece of news this fortnight is that I’ve officially started writing scripts for Geetsly’s, the popular Star Wars YouTube channel.

It’s going to be a little while before my script makes it to the screen, though I can say for now that I’m quite proud of it, especially as it’s my first, and that it’s on CC-2224 “Cody” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As of next week, I’ll be writing two scripts for this channel a week and one script for The Front. I’ve also started editing every script written by Geetsly’s principle writer.

I’m going to be a busy little nerd.

Project Bronze

I’ve decided to shut up about the secret-ish D&D project Roderick Fernandes and I are working on until I’ve got something more to show you. This will be my last mention of it for a while but know that it’s currently my highest priority aside Geetsly’s and The Front!


So apparently the best thing to do when you’re absolutely swamped with work is to start more work, haha. This fortnight I started a second tabletop roleplaying game (TRPG) project, which I called LAZERDUST. This is a little different from Project Bronze, as it’s TRPG system in itself, rather than an adventure for an existing TRPG system.

More to come on LAZERDUST soon. It should be fun for everyone, even those of you who didn’t know what TRPG meant before reading this post, most likely those of you who actually go outside.


This fortnight, I posted two fiction_shots pieces on both Instagram and Twitter.

The first one is about a parasite. Reading over it now, it’s probably a little vague, haha, though I was feeling quite “sci-fi” after writing my Geetsly’s script.

The usurper of all but my mind, a tick on my brain, puppeteering my lips and limbs. I’d be furious, if this ride in which I’m just a passenger wasn’t so damn good. They’re better at humaning than we are, and I’d recommend a helmetless stay on Ida IV’s jungle moon any day.

The second was about what comes next. [Twitter #vss365 word #could]

It could come at any time on any day. The uncertainty’s worse than the result He’s almost sure of it, but he hasn’t put the cross down since it arrived.

Metal hits metal, and his heart makes a fist.

A guard saunters past, dragging a baton over the iron bars.


It’s been a flat out fortnight, and it’s not going to get any easier at least until April. If not April, then when I’m dead. Oh, yeah. I started doing yoga because there’s dust on the joints between my bones, and it sounds like a door’s opening when I stand. The Yoga Witch’s got me under her spell, I guess.

Thanks for reading. Much love.

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