Light in the dark [FU8]

Fortnightly update 8: 16.03.2020 to 29.03.2020

In this blog series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs, and failures, as a writer. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Front

I write scripts for the popular YouTube channel The Front.

We uploaded two videos this fortnight. The first was about how the French get “memed “too hard for their capitulation in World War II.

And the second was a study on American propaganda and how important it was in the Second World War.

I also worked with some graphic designers to put together a post to both The Front History Facebook page and The Front History Instagram account. Unfortunately, we’ll be discontinuing these custom posts indefinitely, and that means no more custom featured images for these blog posts. Stupid COVID-19.

Our final custom post for the foreseeable future was a colourisation of an Aussie soldier in New Guinea in World War II.

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Where are the Aussies at? 🇦🇺 . Thousands of brave Australians perished in the jungles of New Guinea in a World War II campaign that was a little too close to home, though, with the aid of other Allied forces, the Aussies were able to push the Japanese back into the sea, ending the campaign in August 1945. We've colourised this image of R.F. Gaudry of the 2/3rd Australian Infantry Battalion so that he and the sacrifices of Australian soldiers in this time of peril may be remembered. Gaudry was standing in a pit in a village called Kalimboa in New Guinea. The Owen gun this soldier was wielding was an Australian icon in itself, and this is a fantastic image. . #thefront #ww2 #ww2history #wwii #wwiihistory #war #history #military Image edited by

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This fortnight, I posted two fiction_shots pieces on both Instagram and Twitter.

The first was about a robot dad. [Twitter #vss365 word #robot]

The other kids laugh or get all shy when he picks me up from school; his head antennae and metal arm bones are just a little too much for them. Half man, half robot — they have a word for that sort of thing, but I just call him Dad.

The second… well, I couldn’t resist. [Twitter #vss365 word #delicious]

We came up with a lot of names for the family cat over the years — Boots, Furball, Bastard — though, before the lockdown, we never thought we’d end up calling the poor little guy Delicious.

Life (and conclusion)

I don’t need to tell you how strange everything is right now, but I will say I’m fortunate enough to be working, and I’m hoping that won’t change for the worse; this is my light in the dark. In terms of my day to day life, it’s about the same, as I rarely left my “office” anyway. In terms of my life with my partner, we decided it was best to flee Melbourne and return home until things are looking up again.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck.

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