I finally figured out what I want to do with my transient existence — write things with my keyboard and sweat in the dark.

I love fiction. Non-fiction is boring. Of fictional genres, I like fantasy, science fiction, Gothic fiction, and cosmic horror. If you want to know my favourite works of fiction, contact me. I am certain we will become friends.

My first big project, RSC, I have yet to complete. Why I chose to tackle interactivity for a first project, I will never understand.

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Content writer for REIZE

I wrote video game articles for REIZE a few years ago. I have developed a lot, though no less proud of my work and grateful for the opportunity.


Shitty short stories

When I first set up this blog, I flooded it with shitty short stories.

These included…

– Crop Signs
– Galaxy on a Budget
– Gods on the Scarp
– Good Game, Old Man
– Onion Head
– PCWC Part 1
– PCWC Part 2
– Pirate Girl
– Play Dead
– Random Dream
– Road Thoughts
– Salty Bite
– She’s From Australia
– Side By Side
– The Alien Battery
– The Edge of Yellow
– Triggered
– Underside

If you want to read any of them or view the cover art for any of them, please contact me.