Editing for Chad Gerber Photography

© Chad Gerber (Instagram @chad_gerber)

Since March I've been editing blog content for Chad Gerber, a zealous photographer and inspiriting friend. Before reading any further, I suggest you check out Chad's blog. This featured image for this post was shot by him. It's just a sliver of the glorious visual content on his blog. http://www.chadgerber.com.au Building my writing portfolio, volunteer … Continue reading Editing for Chad Gerber Photography

Discovering the MUD (and time constraints and RSC LORE)

Time constraints and RSC LORE Working on RSC seven days a week, I do not have the time to continue writing the RSC LORE series. When I am finished with RSC, I will reorganise my worldbuilding and return to the series. Discovering the MUD It is important to understand that I consider all text-based fiction, printed … Continue reading Discovering the MUD (and time constraints and RSC LORE)