I didn’t learn my lesson (Fein’s Deluge reveal)

After unhanding my interactive fiction project Raid on the Silver City to my editors (which you can read about here), one thought echoed through my mind: FUCK interactive fiction. And then, not even a week later, what do I do but start another, completely separate, work of interactive fiction? My excuse for this one is … Continue reading I didn’t learn my lesson (Fein’s Deluge reveal)

Editing for Chad Gerber Photography

Since March I've been editing blog content for Chad Gerber, a zealous photographer and inspiriting friend. Before reading any further, I suggest you check out Chad's blog. This featured image for this post was shot by him. It's just a sliver of the glorious visual content on his blog. http://www.chadgerber.com.au Building my writing portfolio, volunteer … Continue reading Editing for Chad Gerber Photography