Commercial portfolio

This page is the central hub of my commercial portfolio.

Current projects

These include projects I’m still working on.

◊ Scriptwriting for The Front

I write scripts for the popular World War II YouTube channel The Front. These are the videos I’ve written the scripts for so far.

Script 53Script 52 | Script 51 | Script 50Script 46.2.2Script 46.2.1Script 47 | Script 46.1.2 | Script 46.1.1 | Script 49Script 45Script 44 | Script 43

◊ Scriptwriting for Geetsly’s

I write scripts for the popular Star Wars YouTube channel Geetsly’s. The first video I wrote the script for has yet to be uploaded, so stay tuned!

◊ Writing for The Jerk’E’Club

I write the blog post series Tales of Two Jerks for The Jerk’E’Club. These are the chapters which have been posted so far.

Chapter 4Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1

I also wrote their “Our Story” copy.

Past projects

These include projects I’ve completed.

◊ Editing for Chad Gerber Photography

I edited thirty blog posts for Chad Gerber as he travelled to as many places around the world. I edited Chad’s posts from April 2019 to December 2019, and I think the results speak for themselves.

IcelandArizona | Croatia | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Serbia | Road Trip Part VI | Road Trip Part V | Road Trip Part IV | Road Trip Part III | Road Trip Part II | Road Trip Part I | Andorra | Spain | Portugal | Morocco | Egypt | Cyprus | Israel | Turkey | Thailand | Macau | Hong Kong | Laos | Malaysia | Cambodia | Brunei | Singapore | Vietnam | Bali