Commercial portfolio

This page is the central hub of my commercial portfolio.

Current projects

These include projects that I’m still working on.

◊ Scriptwriting for The Front

I write scripts for the popular World War II YouTube channel The Front. These are the videos I’ve written the scripts for so far.

Script 44 | Script 43

◊ Editing for Chad Gerber Photography

Chad Gerber is travelling the world, and I’m editing his photography blog posts. These are his posts so far.

Andorra | Spain | Portugal | Morocco | Egypt | Cyprus | Israel | Turkey | Thailand | Macau | Hong Kong | Laos | Malaysia | Cambodia | Brunei | Singapore | Vietnam | Bali

◊ Writing for The Jerk’E’Club

I write the blog post series Tales of Two Jerks for The Jerk’E’Club. These are the chapters of Tales of Two Jerks which have been posted so far.

Chapter 2 coming soon | Chapter 1

◊ Creating samples

I’m creating samples so potential clients can see the quality of my work. You will find some of my samples on my commercial blog.

Past projects

These include projects that I have completed.

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