Creative portfolio

This page is the central hub of my creative portfolio, the place where I keep all the nonsense I come up with by myself. There are subpages that link from this page.

Fein’s Deluge has a dedicated subpage.
Raid on the Silver City has a dedicated subpage.
– @fiction_shots has a dedicated subpage.

Current projects

These include projects that I’m still working on. Some have a dedicated subpage.

◊ Project Bronze

Project Bronze is the placeholder name for a secret project Roderick Fernandes and I are working on.

Fein’s Deluge

Fein’s Deluge has a dedicated subpage.


@fiction_shots has a dedicated subpage.

◊ Submitting flash fiction to online publishers

I have submitted to Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online.

◊ A children’s book

More on this to come.

◊ An unnamed work of interactive fiction

This one is about negotiating life with a girlfriend. Ha! More on it to come.

Past projects

These include projects that I have completed or put aside for the foreseeable future. Some have a dedicated subpage.

in the living room

the living room is off, physically, as if everything has taken a small step to the left or perhaps God has nudged me off of my axis

>>> PLAY in the living room <<<

Select the link above to play in the living room for free in your browser at

in the living room is an open map work of interactive fiction which takes inspiration from the act (clue) and agenda mechanics of Fantasy Flight Games’s Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Without spoiling in the living room too much, you progress the story by gaining insight inspecting things in a room (such as the living room) and spending insight opening other rooms (such as the kitchen or the bathroom). You gain insight when the POV character learns something new about his predicament and/or how it came to be. Generally, if you’re fumbling and/or backtracking — essentially if you’re moving without gaining or spending insight — your insanity will increase, until the POV character breaks.

◊ Raid on the Silver City

Raid on the Silver City has a dedicated subpage.

◊ Shitty short stories

When I first set up this blog back in 2017 (or maybe it was 2016), I flooded it with shitty short stories. These included Crop Signs; Galaxy on a Budget; Gods on the Scarp; Good Game, Old Man; Onion Head; PCWC Part 1; PCWC Part 2; Pirate Girl; Play Dead; Random Dream; Road Thoughts; Salty Bite; She’s From Australia; Side By Side; The Alien Battery; The Edge of Yellow; Triggered; and Underside.

And while the stories were shit, the cover art was not.

This was the cover art for Gods on the Scarp. It was illustrated by the talented Oliver Ragen.

Gods on the Scarp

This was the cover art for Side By Side, a seriously shitty story of mine. It was the first illustration my Roderick Fernandes did for me, and I might just use it for the cover of a much better story in the future.

Side By Side

◊ Blog posts for REIZE

I wrote blog posts for REIZE in 2017 and 2018. I have developed a lot since then, though I’m no less proud of the work that I did.

– Retro games holding their own in a modern video game industry (15.01.2018)
– What makes a video game timeless (11.12.2017)
– Fortnite Battle Royale review: the best of times (30.10.2017)
– A salary calculator for startup founders (15.08.2017)
– How to stay energised when travelling the world (14.08.2017)
– Quake Champions beta review – by an Australian gamer (22.05.2017)
– Playstation Network and the benefits of Playstation Plus (12.04.2017)
– The 10 best games of the decade so far: opinions of an Aussie gamer (29.03.2017)
– MMOs as an Australian game – where are all the MMORGPS? (09.03.2017)
– Shooting games: my all time favourite shooter games (16.02.2017)

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