Fein’s Deluge

Fein’s Deluge (FD) is a work of choice-based interactive fiction (IF) created in Twine 2 (SugarCube), inspired by the “open map” structure discussed in Sam Kabo Ashwell’s post Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games. Written in the second person, you, the reader/player, divulge a vague, non-linear story by traversing a geographical space rendered in text — the village of Fein’s Deluge. You “roleplay” a rookie field officer of the Witching Inquirium, a fledgling, who has been assigned to Fein’s Deluge to discern the source of a surge of foul and prohibited magic.


About this page

This page is the central node of FD. You will here find links to the work, links to give feedback and reviews, and links to the concept art and the cover art of the work.

Play FD

Select the link below to play FD for free in your browser at itch.io.


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You can review FD on its itch.io page or on its Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB) page.

The art of FD — Roderick Fernandes

The cover art for FD was created by Roderick Fernandes. If you want to see more of Rod’s work check out his ArtStation profile.

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