Raid on the Silver City (RSC) is a work of choice-based interactive fiction (IF) created in Twine 2 (SugarCube).

As stated in a previous post, I have decided to put RSC in the bottom drawer for now. It’s hard to say when I will return to it, but I do know that I’m not ready to complete it at this point in my career.

When complete, RSC will feature three playable characters (PCs), whose stories work together to divulge the truth of the Silver City, the Labyrinth, Lorelei, and beyond.

About this page

This page is the central node of RSC. Here you will find links to the work, links to give feedback and reviews, and links to the concept art and the cover art of the work.

The art of RSC — Roderick Fernandes


Most of the art of RSC was created by Roderick Fernandes. Check out his ArtStation profile. For convenience, here are the links to each page of art (some pages include multiple works of art) on Roderick Fernandes’s ArtStation profile.

The Arch and the Silver City
The Arch
The Storm Wall
Playable characters

Of the above, only “The Arch and the Silver City” and “Midstwood” will be included in the final product.

The art of RSC — Nick Petrou

While Roderick Fernandes created most of the art, I’m making a pixel map of the island Lorelei all by myself. It’s still in development, but this is what I’ve done so far (without any annotations, obviously).



The map of Lorelei will be included in RSC.

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