fiction_shots is both a writing community and a platform to share and post flash fiction and its derivatives (vss, microfiction, etc.). We post at least one piece a week to both Instagram and Twitter.



We’re always looking to grow our community, so if you’re interested, contact us on Instagram or Twitter.

Instagram pieces may be up to 500 words, though pieces which fit into a single 1080 x 1080 image and are still legible are preferred. Twitter pieces cannot exceed Twitter’s 280-character limit, though space must be left for at least the #vss tag or the #vss365 tag, so it’s safer to work with a character limit of 273. Other important Twitter tags are #fictionshots and #WritingCommunity. Many Twitter pieces are inspired by #vss365, and the hashtag before the word of the day in #vss365 pieces should be removed before they are posted to Instagram. Instagram pieces short enough will be posted to Twitter, and all Twitter pieces will be posted to Instagram. 


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